floral care

Hand Tied Bouquet Instructions 

You've been gifted a Hand Tied Bouquet, yay!

Unwrap the bouquet, and take off the biodegradable foam water pack. Lay your flowers gently on the wrap.

Fill your vase up with filtered, freshwater and add the flower food packet that you found wrapped inside your bouquet.

Give your stems a fresh cut on a 45 degree angle with flower pruners or scissors, and clear any leaves from the bottom of your stems so that leaves are not sitting in the water.

Let your inner floral design ability come forth and arrange your stems in the vase in a way that is pleasing to you.

Add and change your water every other day for maximum freshness and enjoyment from your bouquet! 

Florist Designed Arrangement Care Instructions

You’ve received a Florist Designed Arrangement, yay! Take your arrangement out of the box, and add water to replenish its supply from transport.

Enjoy simply by changing the water every few days, take to sink and gently tilt your arrangement to let water escape.

Next, refill your container with fresh, filtered water.

Finally, enjoy your flowers and repeat steps 2 & 3 every two days!

Corsage and Boutonniere Care Instructions

Now that you've picked up your corsage and/or boutonniere, it's important to keep it safe until the big day.

Make sure the container is completely sealed, and store it on the door/front of your refrigerator to prevent it from freezing.

Make sure you don't have containers with open fruit or food in the same area, the gasses will harm the product.

Centerpiece Care Instruction

Let the celebration begin! You just received your Florist Designed Centerpiece. The heart of the table at your gathering.
Immediately add a small amount of water to the dish right when you receive it to hydrate after transporting.
Repeat previous step every 2 days to keep your centerpiece fresh and hydrated!